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Bill Warman
17.13 lb.  1-28-2002

  Bill is a big time trophy bass hunter on Canyon and spends every waking minute on the water in search of that new world record. He has no less than a dozen IGFA records for bass over 10 lb.. He participates in the Big Bass World Championships Tournament and won the Arizona State Big Bass tourney in 1992, and 1995. Bill is a member of the following:

Big Bass Hall of Fame
2 Time Arizona State Champion
4 Time Arizona State Big Bass of the year Champion.
Bill is a life member of B.A.S.S. ,
Bill owns two Arizona State Record line class records,
Bill is a Member of B.A.S.S. , Lunker Club,
A member of I.G.F.A.
At the 1992 Big Bass World Championships, he finished in 8th Place.
 At the 1995 Big Bass World Championships, he finished in 13th Place.
  Bill Warman has 18 Bass registered under World Record Regulations SEE Records
in the World Record Book.
Pro Staff  of  Kick'n Bass
Pro Staff  of Tie-Not a Denbo Company
Pro Staff Southwest Fishing

offers more tips on producing the catch of a life time. A ten pound Bass.


.Canyon Lake, Arizona - Land of The Giants

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