WrightRight Time Line and Notice Given:



First Notice of the WriteRight Screen Protectors being sold was 6-97 from an American Express employee John Maloney.





On 1-24-98, I faxed Dale Mc Adams president of ConceptKitchen Regarding the US Patent RE.35, 318.


However, I see a note in Don Lisa’s file stating a License Proposal was sent on

11-28-97. I cannot find an enclosed document regarding this post it note. It could be a miss print on Don’s part.


On 08-08-99, we contacted Jean Batman ConceptKitchens legal Counsel regarding Patent Infringement in San Francisco.


On 08-13-99, we contacted Mr. Dale Mc Adams, President of ConceptKitchen.


The very first Use (website) I found for ConceptKitchen.com was December 23, 1996

ConceptKitchen Attorneys wanted to make a deal.


Then Fellowes took over

A Press Release was issued on July 30, 1999. Fellowes and Concept Kitchen Announce Exclusive Worldwide Agreement.

The Sale of ConceptKitchen to fellows took place on July 15, 2000.

Fellowes was offered a License for my Patent on August 22, 2000.

 Fellowes Attorneys wanted to make a deal in 2000?