Trophy Bass Fishing Arizona Style

Canyon Lake, Arizona  Land of the Giants
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Arizona State Record Holder - Bill Warman - Largemouth Bass 2003
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 About Bill Warman

03-30-08 Bill Luke Big Bass Days

2008- MBC Super Team Results

2009-MBC Super Team Results

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Arizona Hunter and Angler Magazine 2-2004

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                                          .Bill Warman
Arizona State, Largemouth Bass Record Holders
Randi with a Certified Bass & Bill with a Catch and Release Record Bass.

  .Bill Warman 17.03lb. Bass

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These bass are not extremely large. However, the No-Tie Lure caught them all.

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      "Hi Bill
Thanks for the great CD! WOW, you really know what the bass are doing; I have been bass fishing for 15 years and haven't figured out half of what you have. You are definitely a basses’ worst enemy (and I mean that in the most complementary way). Thanks once again and I will let you know when I catch the big one!"

Best in bassin
Shane Crause

If you caught a Lunker You need a shirt. Only 1% of all bass fisherman have ever caught a bass over Ten Pounds.

Certificates Issued to Bill Warman

"According to ESPN's "The Bass Professor", Doug Hannon, "Where there are monster bass ranging from 10 lbs to 18 lbs,
the possibility of a new world record bass being caught is highly likely".

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