Fellowes, and Concept Kitchen Screen Protectors
"First Use In Commerce" July
04, 1993

William J Warman

William J Warman

William J Warman

The laws of this land says:

35 U.S.C. 282 A patent shall be presumed valid....  .The burden of establishing invalidity of
a patent or any claim thereof shall rest on the party asserting such invalidity.

The claim by Fellowes, Concept Kitchen,  and Belkin are baseless. It is amazing that these multi-million dollar corporations
can put garbage out and people believe it.

We have successfully protected electronic instruments since 1988.
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ClearGuard Screen Protectors
NewtonElectronics and Thomas Lai are a Infringing and or selling Pirated Products.
Thomas Lai was told to take his court case to a higher level. SEE
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Yet Mr. Lai has not done so. Mr. Lai has and is continuing in his bad conduct
regarding the laws of the United States.

Accordingly, the scope of the ‘318 patent is limited to completely applying and releaseably adhering a thin, flexible, transparent, plastic film to the outermost surface of a face plate of an electronic instrument to protect the face plate during use of the instrument, and equivalents therefore, i.e., as presently advised, performing the claimed steps by applying the film to the flat front surface of LCD’S and LCR’S. (Id.).

          Applying the film to the molded envelope of a conventional television tube is excluded. Such a device is a cathode ray tube (“CRT”), not an LCD or LCR, and the like, and it does not have a face plate, i.e. its front surface is not flat.

“Also excluded from the scope of the ‘318 patent are steps of applying (1) temporary notice labels and advertising decals  bearing written or printed indicia because such films are not transparent, or, (2) temporary shipping and handling overlays whether or not transparent, because such films are designed to be removed in use.

Accordingly, as construed, the ‘318 patent is not invalid, is infringed by many parties, and is enforceable against all infringers in view of all the prior art of record of which we are aware.

Do not support the Infringement or Piracy of any Products within the USA.

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