Arizona Corporation Commission - Payment and they returned it to us.
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Dear William Warman,

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding payments to Arizona Corporation Commission.

We reviewed your account and located the history of payment for Arizona Corporation Commission. While this payee was added in March of 2005, only one payment was requested. That payment was issued by a check, which was never cased. If a check is not cashed, it becomes stale dated after 90 days. When this occurs, a credit is automatically issued to your account. Below we have provided the date of the payment and the date the check became stale. A credit would have posted to your bank account ending in 5183 within two business days of the stale date.

Date Amount Check # Check Status Stale Date
3/7/2005 - $45.00 - 93789209 Stale Dated 6/7/2005

We hope this information is helpful and look forward to assisting you in the future.

You are entitled to receive a copy of any document that we relied upon during our investigation and/or processing of your request. To request documents, you can e-mail us anytime and we will send the appropriate documents by
U.S. mail.

Thank you for choosing Bank of America. For further assistance, please contact us by e-mail or phone, 800.933.6262, Online Banking Bill Pay.


11/01/2007 TIME:20:08:46 MSG. NBR:14821101200846962007


TO: Customer Service

This is the infomation your need to research longer than 180 days.
Arizona Corporation Commision - account # -
1300 W. Washington St.

Phoenix, AZ 85007-2929


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